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wax-strips-manufacturer 1.As a manufacturer, we produce depilatory wax strips and nose strips, disposable nonwoven depilatory waxing strips/rolls for beauty salon.
2.we offer comprehensive OEM /ODM service for our customer around the world.We would like to wholesale/distribute wax strips for you.
3.Our products are popular in many countries including United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Ireland, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Turkey etc.

Manufacturing and supply of professional hair removal waxing products under private label or “Cool Epil” label
Cool Shine Cosmetics specializes in manufacturing high quality waxing products for hair removal including pre-waxed strips, nonwoven waxing strips/rolls and nose pore cleaning strips. Cool Shine Cosmetics is a botanically-based, professional hair removal wax manufacturer tailored to meet specific requirements of the clients based on different body areas, skin types. Our hair removal waxes are formulated to be low melt point, non-sticky, and leave no wax residue after waxing. Our depilatory waxes offer maximum adherence to unwanted hair. Our depilatory waxing strip delivers an effective, efficient, and more comfortable waxing experience for the people who have unwanted hair problem.
Our manufacturing capacity
Our factory is equipped with production lines of waxing products.
Two production lines of ready to use wax strips
One production line for hot wax
Line of packaging for ready-made products into bags
Production line for nonwoven depilatory waxing strips used for hot waxing
Production line for nonwoven depilatory waxing rolls used for hot waxing
Daily output of wax strips:300000 double sided strips
Daily output of nose pore cleaning strips:250000 pieces
Daily output of nonwoven disposable waxing strips:50000 packs
Daily output of nonwoven disposable waxing rolls:25000 rolls
Ready to use wax strips
Ready to use wax strips is also called pre-coated wax strips or ready-made wax strips. There are two types of ready to use wax strips available in the market: nonwoven paper based and cellophane paper based wax strips.
Nonwoven ready to use wax strips
Nonwoven fabrics are the most common base papers used in the production of ready to use wax strips. Most of the wax strips in the market are of this type. Nonwoven fabrics are environmental friendly material. As a kind of disposable product, eco-friendly material is very important since biodegraded products are not popular by the public and the earth.
Production cost of nonwoven wax strips is lower than cellophane paper based strips. However, nonwoven fabrics would absorb some amount of wax as time goes on.
Cellophane ready to use wax strips
Cellophane paper is transparent and it is not eco-friendly material. The production cost is relatively higher than nonwoven version.
Nonwoven/cellophane hair removal wax strips for face, leg, body, bikini
The difference between nonwoven and cellophane hair removal wax strips
In today’s market, there are two types of based papers used in ready to use wax strips: nonwoven paper and cellophane paper. You can tell them from the appearances easily. Cellophane paper is of transparent and nonwoven paper is white.
Based on report about market share, the nonwoven wax strips have taken up to 90% of depilatory market. 10% of the wax strips are produced based on cellophane paper.
Nonwoven paper is favored by most manufacturers for its low cost and eco-friendly features. Nonwoven material is biodegradable and cellophane paper does not provide this feature.
Products stability is different. Nonwoven paper would soak the hair removal wax in certain extent. As time goes on, more wax would be absorbed by the papers and the wax strips would look ugly since its edge is out of shape. While, the cellophane paper would not absorb the wax and it delivers better stability than nonwoven version.
Production and supply of professional waxing products for hair removal under the private label or “Cool Epil”
Cool Epil hair removal wax strips for face, leg and bikini
Cool Shine Cosmetics is dedicated to producing ready to use wax strips for face, leg and bikini. Cool Epil is the main brand. This brand includes a series of pre-coated wax strips for different body areas. For the businessmen who want to enter into hair removal field, you can choose our existed branded products if you do not have your own brand.
Wax strips for face and bikini area are different from body wax strips
Face, underarm, bikini areas are very sensitive
For those sensitive areas, wax strips should be specially formulated with ingredients that benefit on Sensitive Skin.
Cool Epil hair removal wax strips for face
Package content:12 nonwoven double sided strips,3 after depilation wipes
Cool Epil hair removal wax strips for bikini
Package content:8 nonwoven double sided wax strips,2 after depilation wipes
Cool Epil hair removal wax strips for leg
Package content:8 nonwoven double sided wax strips,3 after depilation wipes
Cool Epil hair removal wax strips with different fragrances/ingredients
For the distributors, wholesalers or the companies which need private labeled products, customized ingredients are necessary. They require their own designed packages and wax strips with different ingredients. We develop different products for the clients around the world. Our clients can specify the ingredients based on the requirements so that their products can be unique in their local markets.
The common ingredients include: Aloe Vera herbal, Vitamin E, Almond Oil, honey, chamomile, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, berry, Strawberry, Natural Tea Tree Oil etc.
Color customization: Color is another factor which can tell the difference of the wax strips. A unique and nice color can always give an important impression in clients’ mind.
Size specification: Size is another important factor and it decides the production cost.
How to evaluate the quality of hair removal wax strips?
There are several factors for evaluating the quality of hair removal wax strips. Firstly, the hair removal function must be perfect. With one try, hair removal purpose should be achieved and all the hair should be removed from the root of hair follicle. There should be no stubbles after waxing. There should be no or very small amount of wax residue on the skin after depilation. Secondly, the products stability should also be checked. Generally, the validity period is at least three years. The products appearance and the hair removal result should never change within six months. The edge of strips should keep original shape. A products stability test report is necessary when you purchase the products from the supplier or manufacturer.
Cool Epil wax strips target market
We focus on the brand marketing in the world and are looking for the businessmen. For the companies which want to distribute our branded products, they need to follow the contract between us. We would like to find the companies in those countries: United States,UK,Canada,Australia,Malyasia,Pakistan,France,Phlippines,Turkey,Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand.
We have the largest manufacturing capacity for depilatory wax strips and have been providing many leading brands globally.
The information you have to know before ordering our products
There are some basic tips you have to know when you want to enter into depilation field.
For the companies which have never involved in hair removal waxing products, firstly you should know what type of product is suitable for your company. Through the study of the market, you should find out which famous brands exist in your local market. If you want your own featured products in your local market, please do not use the exact same ingredients. If possible, you can define different size of wax strips paper and colors. If you have existed market channels in supermarkets, drugstores, chain stores, they are the best channels for depilatory products. If you have your own branded personal care products such as toothpaste or perfumes, it is good option to develop your own branded wax strips.
For the companies which have their branded hair removal waxing products and they want to change the supplier or manufacturer. If you think that your purchasing cost is high and the quality can not meet your requirements any longer, you can choose another supplier and producer from other countries. The main manufacturers around the world are located in Spain, China, Turkey, India, Italia. The manufacturers in Europe can not deliver the same price as the manufacturers in Asia since the labor cost is relatively low in Asia. As to hair removal waxing products, if the products deliver great hair removal function, that would always the primary factor when you choosing the products. Our products can not only provide hair removal function, also its appearances are good. You would see the tidy edge and evenly coated wax. Free samples can be provided.
Both bulk and packaged products are available
Bulk version products can be provided based on your requirement. Some of the companies don’t need the packaged products and they can import the bulk products from our company and packed in their local areas. While for others, we can print the photo-quality package and deliver the comprehensive packaged products to the companies.
Complete Packaging Solutions
We offer complete packaging solutions for the products. If you choose your customized design art of work, we can print it out and package the products. If you do not want your own design, our expert would help you design the package based on your requirements and market demand. For private labeling and bulk version products including pre-waxed strips(Disposable Depilatory Cold Wax Strips ), nose pore cleaning strips and disposable nonwoven waxing strips/rolls, we can choose the best  option for your company. Our package is of photo-quality. Before the volume production, we would send the samples to you to confirm.
Disposable waxing strips/rolls used for hot waxing in waxing kit or professional spa/salon
Two types of depilatory waxing strips/rolls used for hot waxing: nonwoven and pure cotton/muslin paper used for professional depilation.
Nonwoven depilatory waxing strips is one of our main depilatory products. Nonwoven fabrics are the main wax paper. The composition includes polyester(PET)and viscose. The nonwoven paper production cost is lower than cotton/muslin paper. The percentage of PET is different from different manufacturers. The more percentage of PET means that lower production cost and this material is eco-friendly. Viscose is another composition of nonwoven depilatory wax strips. Viscose delivers high production cost and it is environmental friendly. You can evaluate the price of the material through this. All the nonwoven fabrics would need coating procedure for hair removal purpose since tensile strength is necessary. Wholesale waxing strips in relatively small volume is also available.In addition,we offer package for it. Generally, it is packed with POF with a color sheet within it.Generally,100 pieces of paper are packed in bag.10000 bags are minimum order quantity. When you are planning to import this product, you need to consider those factors including material GSM(grammes per square metre),viscose percentage, size. The detailed material parameters you need to take into account includes: Cellulosic, Polyester fibers, binder percentage. Basis weight, thickness, Permeability 196Pa,Tensile Strength MD, Tensile Strength CD, Elongation MD, Elongation CD.
Pure cotton/muslin waxing strips/rolls are of high end products since its production cost is much higher than nonwoven material.
Base paper/substrate supplies for ready to use /pre-coated wax strips
In today’s market,there are two types of base papers used as the substrate paper of ready to use wax strips:non-woven paper and cellophane paper.As to the cellophane paper,we do not produce them by ourselves and we import it from other suppliers.While,for the non-fabrics paper used as the based paper/substrate of pre-waxed strips,we developed our unique paper used for our finished products.The non-woven fabrics material we used is of wet-laid non-woven fabrics.With wet-laid technology,the paper provides even and stability for waxing.The paper would absorb few wax so that the wax can be can be applied onto it and would not deform in a long run.Therefore the waxing result would not affected by paper absorption of wax.Another feature of the non-woven paper is its eco-friendly material.Our paper is made from 100% viscose which is of pure natural plants.When the paper is applied onto the waxed skin,you would feel very comfortable since viscose is also the material used in the production of underwear.If you are planning to import the paper used in the production of ready to use wax strips,we would also like to supply the wet laid non-woven fabrics rolls made from 100% viscose which is specially made for this purpose.It is perfect products for you.
Nonwoven and muslin strips for hot waxing
Nonwoven and muslin strips for hot waxing: we would like to share some information about waxing strips used for hot waxing procedure.
Waxing strips are just paper that is made of nonwoven material or muslin cloth. They are used after wax application. The waxing strips material must provide excellent adherence to the waxed skin.
If you are operating a waxing salon or involved in the related business, you have to know how to choose the best quality waxing strips.
Firstly, you have to know there are various kinds of nonwoven papers which are made from different materials. Different raw material provides different prices and user experience. For example, some nonwoven waxing strips are made from pure viscose fibers. This kind of waxing strips offers high production cost, but its hair removal result and skin touch just like the soft cloth. It is perfect for depilation. While there some other nonwoven waxing strips which is made from polyester. This kind of waxing strips delivers high strength, but its skin touch feeling is worse than viscose version. Also the cost of this kind of products is much cheaper than viscose version.
There is another type of waxing strips available in the market: muslin strips. It is 100% cotton strips. The target market of this product is high end consumers since its price is much higher than the nonwoven papers. It has high strength and its skin touch feeling, depilation result is great. In the market, pure cotton strips has twice price of nonwoven version.
Where nonwoven or muslin papers, both of them are disposable products and you can never reuse it since it may cause great mess, skin irritation problems etc. Hot waxing is becoming more and more popular as more women and men are caring their unwanted hair removal issues. All the strips can be provided with special size for different body areas. For sensitive area, you should use some natural and soft waxing strips. While for large body area waxing such chest and back waxing, you can use large size and firm strips.
Best waxing kit brands in the world
There are some world famous brands of waxing kit available in the market: Veet, Nair, Nads,Sallyhansen, Wax away, Parissa, Pretty Smooth, Moom.
Cool Epil waxing strips kit for face, body, bikini, leg
Our own brand Cool Epil waxing strips kit are available for different body areas including face, leg, arm, bikini. For different body areas, the hair condition is different and the waxing strips should be designed differently for each area. For example, for face and bikini area, the waxing strips ingredients should be different since they should be suitable for the sensitive skin in those areas. Of course, the size of the strips should be different according to the shape of body area. For the people with sensitive skin, they should use our hypoallergenic wax strips which is specially made for sensitive skin type.
Manufacturer of nose pore strips for blackhead removal
Nose pore strips for blackhead removal is one of our main products we produced. nose pore strips is used to remove blackheads. How the blackheads come? The old skin cells would move to the surface of the skin and it is mixed with other dirt including oil and bacteria clump. All of those would clog the pores. The dirt mixture would become black when it does exist around your noses, as a result, the blackheads form. Our nose pore strips are specially made for the nose blackheads removal.
Eyebrow wax strips for eyebrow shaping
Now, the most common way of shaping eyebrow is tweezing,it is time consuming and each hair has to be removed on by one with great efforts. Waxing has the advantage for remove unwanted eyebrow hairs over tweezing since it can remove several hair with one motion. Our mini wax strips for eyebrows are designed for eyebrow shaping. perfect brow arch of our eyebrow wax strips can provide shaping result, you do not need to shape your eyebrows with tweezing, warm wax and plucking one by one. Application is less expensive, easy and convenient method.
As a manufacture of wax strips, we would like to offer unique design based on your requirement. You can choose the shape of the wax strips and we can produce for you
Private labeling services for hair removal wax warmer/heater
We are dedicated to supplying private labeling services for wax warmer/heaters.Our wax heater is designed to incorporate all the features required by the beauty salon or spa. Digital temperature controls, instant wax melting, constant temperature control(The temperature can be maintained between 10 to 80 degrees.
Our home waxing kit
For home waxing, waxing kit should be provided. Cool Shine Cosmetics can deliver two types of waxing hair removal kits for home use. Face, body waxing kit of ready to use version can be offered through our production lines. We have three production lines for ready-made wax strips. We have different types of pre-coated wax strips for different body areas including face, bikini, underarm, leg, arm.
Our ready to use hair removal wax strips provide two types of paper material: nonwoven paper and cellophane paper. Nonwoven paper is the main paper material in the market and cellophane paper is used in many European countries. As to those two types of wax strips, they deliver different features. Cellophane paper would not absorb much hair removal a wax so its quality guarantees time is longer than common nonwoven paper version. In this kind of home waxing kit, after depilation wipes are included in the kit to apply the skin after waxing since the wax residue would leave on the skin. However, you can check the quality of the wax strips through the wax residue quantity left on the skin. In the market, the kit contains different plants extracts for different purpose. For instance, aloe vera extract can make the skin soft and smooth.
There is another type of waxing hair removal kit for home use. We just introduced our waxing hair removal kit including hard wax,(or soft wax)wax heater or warmer and nonwoven waxing strips. This kind of waxing kit is the most popular in the market both for home and salon. The difference is the wax heater or warmer. Wax heater or warmer with different volume for different purpose. The kit includes hair removal wax, waxing strips, wooden or plastic spatula, wax warmer.
Private labeling or OEM services for home waxing kit
We would like to cooperate with clients around the world. For the business owners or brand owners who are seeking for their branded home waxing kit, we are your best partner. The home waxing kit with different kinds of packages based on your customized requirements can be supplied through our professional production lines.
We offer extensive range of materials to allow us to develop unique waxing kit. We would pay our efforts to create innovative products as a team. Our depilatory wax varies in huge range of colors, plants extract, essential oil and fragrances.


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