Details on how to remove ingrown hair on a bikini line

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It is about details on how to remove ingrown hair on a bikini line.Bikini line hair removal has become a fashion. Especially in summer, all the girls who want to the sand beach tend to eliminate the bikini line hair. You would never feel more embarrassed when wearing a swimsuit with bikini hair poking out, all your body is shown to the public. Girls use different ways to get rid of the bikini line hair, shaving, home waxing or salon waxing etc. No matter what methods you choose, if you are new to the hair removal and cannot do a pre and after hair removal treatment job, you would have ingrown hair problem.

Ingrown hair is a problem accompanied by hair removal .Ingrown hair can be also seen from men from shaving. However, ingrown hair is common on women’s bikini line. The hair in bikini area tends to grow curly and coarse. To prevent the ingrown hair problem, you can check the following tips. However, firstly you need to follow some rules before hair removal. For example, before shaving or waxing, you need to make good preparation.

Details on how to remove ingrown hair on a bikini line

Tips 1                      

Exfoliate your bikini line skin three days after shaving or waxing. Using the dry body mitt or body scrub to exfoliate your skin regularly. Generally, you need two or three times a week .The dead cells on the surface of skin can lead to ingrown hair. The reason is that the dead cells would block the hair follicles so the new hair cannot grow through the skin surface and grow in the opposite direction. Exfoliation can help in reducing the ingrown hairs.

Tips 2

After shaving or waxing, you should wear loose and comfortable clothes. The pure cotton material clothes are recommended. The fraction between the shaved or waxed is easy to cause the skin irritation which would make the ingrown hair problem worse.

Tips 3

Wash the bikini line area with antibacterial cleanser. To keep the bacterial away, your bikini line should be cleaned with the cleanser. You should not do sports in the next few days since sweating would also cause the ingrown hair problem worse.
Tip 4
Use toner or astringent on the shaved or waxed bikini area. The alcohol included in them can tighten the pores and kills the bacteria. The ingrown formation chances can be reduced effectively.

Tip 5

If you want to prevent the ingrown hair permanently, you can choose other hair removal method instead. Electrolysis and laser can offer permanent hair removal or reduction result. Your hair number is reduced so the ingrown hair problem could be alleviated.

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