Before Waxing

Ensure your skin is clean and dry, free from oils, make-ups and creams.
Hair should be between 2-5mm long for best result.

Waxing Procedure

1. Warm wax strip by rubbing the Cool-epil Wax Strips between hands for thirty seconds.
2. Slowly peel the two strips apart.
3. Apply one of the Cool-epil Wax Strips onto the skin where you wish to remove hair, in the direction of hair growth. Firmly smooth the strip in the hair growth direction for approximately 10 seconds ensuring the strip is securely fixed to the skin.
4. Holding adjoining skin taut with one hand, immediately Pull the strip off against hair growth direction, keeping the strip as close to the skin as possible. Re-use strip until it becomes not sticky.
DONOT wax repeatedly on same area during a waxing session.
DONOT use soap, water or alcohol to clean skin after waxing.

After Waxing

Remove excess wax on skin with Cool-epil finishing wipes, or with a clean cotton wool pad or tissue moistened with baby oil.
Keep out of reach of Children.
Keep in cool and dry place.


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