After waxing skin care tips

In this modern time, there are many girls and men who usually get the unwanted hair removed regularly. Nearly every body area can be receive waxing treatment which include face, chin, lip, leg, underarm, bikini areas. You can wax at home with professional body waxing kit which includes soft/hard wax, wax strips. In addition, you can get waxing at the professional beauty salon by the beauticians. However, after waxing your skin needs special care, and it is necessary for you to know skin care tips after waxing.

Redness is common problem after waxing. After waxing, your skin is very sensitive since the hair follicles open. Skin irritation should also be considered. Another annoying problem you have to keep in mind is ingrown hair.

As a result, professional skin care should be done immediately after waxing. Exfoliating waxed area should be done firstly just after waxing. It helps in reducing the chances of skin breakouts and also lessens the ingrown hair problem. Just follow the instruction shown below which can deliver ideal skin care result after waxing.

Generally, baby powder is applied on to the skin to be waxed. Scar or hurt area should never be waxed. Applying baby powder in advance can help reduce the chances of skin breakouts. After waxing, clean waxed area.

After waxing skin care tips

If your skin become red, it is easy for the skin to be affected. In this case, you can use ice to put on the red area in order to reduce the affection chances. Simultaneously, cold ice can close the open hair follicle after waxing.

After applying the ice on your red spot, you can use hydrocortisone cream to reduce the affection and also your redness can decrease. It is also suitable for the sensitive skin area such as facial area.

If hydrocortisone cream is not available for you, you can also use other thing instead. For example, Aloe Vera oil can deliver equal result. Actually, there are some waxing products which are mixed with Aloe Vera oil. For example, the cold ready to use wax strips with aloe vera oil or the hot wax with aloe Vera oil. If this kind of product is available, it is better choice for you since they are helpful for your skin care purpose. If you have individual aloe vera oil, you can apply it every day.

Skin burn should be avoided, so sunshine bath are forbidden. You may get hurt since your skin is sensitive and tender. You had better use the sun-blocking cream to prevent sunshine.

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