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Manufacturer of nose, chin& forehead pore cleaning strips for blackhead removal

As a professional manufacturer of pore strips for blackhead removal, we are dedicated to supplying OEM/ODM services for private label owners

Features of our deep cleaning pore strips for blackhead removal

The development of ingredients of our products is based on the physiological reason of blackheads formulation. You have about 200000 pores on your face. There are the most of pores along the center line of you face. The emulsifying agent included in the ingredients can emulsify the oil in the blackheads. At the same time, it makes the aging horny layer of epidermis soft, so the emulsified blackheads floats out of skin surface. The sticker ingredients can stick the blackheads firmly, so the blackheads can be removed. In addition to the blackheads removal, the skin can be cleaned deeply and the acne and aging horny layer of epidermis can be removed.

Comprehensive private labeling services provided

As a professional manufacturer, we offer private label services for nose pore strips. We would like to supply nose pore strips for the wholesalers and distributors around the world. We like to cooperate with the clients around the world: USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands,Australia,Austria,Sweden,Russia,Turkey,Belgium.
For your own branded products, the excellent function and uniqueness of the products is very important to win in your local market. With our support, color, shape, size, ingredients can customized to provide the best fitted products.

Shape can be customized

Different shapes of pore cleaning strips are available from us. We have regular shape of pore cleaning strips and other shapes are possible. We can do based on your requirements. For other shapes that we have now, please click send inquiry shown above.

Color can be customized

Color of pore cleaning strips can be customized. You can choose the color you need in your local market: yellow, red, blue,pink etc.

Plant extract in the ingredients

The plants extract can be added based on your requirements, generally, the plants extracts such as aloe Vera, tea tree can be applied into the products. The purpose of plants extract is to improve the appearance of pores. So, you can choose your own featured plants extract to form your own product.

Charcoal Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Charcoal deep cleaning pore strips is another favorable products in the market. With natural charcoal, the pore strips can suck out the oil, dirt and other impurities deeply into the skin. Your skin would feel fresh, clean and free of oil. It is known to us that the natural charcoal has strong ability in drawing and trap deep-down impurities. As a result, it is provides great benefits in the formulation of deep cleaning pore strips. The shape and size can be customized based on your requirements.

Our Production Capacity

We have three production lines for pore cleaning strips.Our daily output can reach up to 500000 strips.


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