3 step blackhead removal nose pack-nose pore strips kit

We are professional supplier and manufacturer for 3 step blackhead removal nose pack-nose pore cleaning strips kit. Comprehensive private labeling/OEM services are provided for this popular product in the market-3 step blackhead removal nose pack.

The 3 step blackhead removal nose kit provides three items for the blackhead removal.

Step 1:softening/melting blackheads using blackhead melting/softening toner strips

Softening/melting blackheads allows your nose pores open so the blackheads, dead cells and can be removed easily.

Step 2:blackheads removal using deep cleaning nose pore strips

When the nose pores open, it is time to remove the blackheads and dead cells using our deep nose pore cleaning strips. Deep cleaning nose pore strips is our main products and our strips delivers can removal the blackheads, oil, dead cells effectively.

Step 3:refining nose pores using pore tightening essence

After the blackheads and dead cells removal, apply our pore tightening essence to the nose. As a result, your nose pores would be minimized and they would look nicer than before.

For the overall procedure, you have to follow the detailed instruction for use carefully or the results would be reduced.

This 3 step blackhead removal nose kit is becoming more and more popular. Some businessmen and companies/brand owners want to enter into this market. There is no doubt this kit is one of the best nose pore cleaning products in the market. With rich experience in producing deep cleaning nose pore strips, we have been produced this kind of kit successfully. We can produce the products based on your customized ingredients, also the high quality package for you. If you are seeking for the producer/manufacturer, our company would be your great choice. We can send you the samples for you to test the products before placing the order.

1. We are dedicated to producing high quality nose pore strips for blackhead removal.

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