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Professional Hair Removal Waxing Products

We are dedicated to providing you high quality products for beauty to perfect your life.
As a manufacturer, we produce depilatory wax strips and nose strips,depilatory waxing strips/rolls which work well, are easy to use and safe.
Meanwhile, we offer comprehensive OEM /ODM service for our customer around the world.We would like to cooperate with the distributors and wholesalers around the world.
Professional hair removal waxing products review: there are a great number of hair removal methods available today. The short term hair removal methods include shaving, plucking, threading, waxing, sugaring etc. The long term hair removal methods includes laser, electrolysis, IPL treatments. Among those methods, waxing is still regarded as one of the most popular methods for both women and men. Waxing is cost effective hair removal methods for unwanted hair for areas including upper lip, chin, chest, arm, back, leg, bikini area.

To receive waxing hair removal, you can go to professional salon or spa to receive professional treatments. Also, you can choose the home waxing. Leave it to pros may be of great cost since it is done by professional staff. You can choose home waxing kits. Waxing kit is inexpensive and deliver sound hair removal result.

As to hair removal waxing products, there are three types available: strip waxing or hot waxing, hard waxing and ready to use wax strips.

Strip waxing is also called hot waxing: hot waxing is used with strip paper or cloth. The wax needs heating, when the temperature is proper for apply. Just apply a thin layer of wax onto your skin to be waxed. Then apply the strip paper or cloth onto your waxing area. Tear off the strips quickly and pulling direction should be the opposite direction of hair growth. Strip waxing product is best for facial, underarm, leg, back, chest hair removal.

Hard waxing is different from hot waxing since it does not need strip paper during the procedure. After being heated, just apply the hard wax onto your skin. The procedure is almost the same as hot waxing. Once the wax cools, you can pull it off .Hard waxing is specially suitable for sensitive body areas such as bikini area. Also it is provides good result for large body areas such as chest and back.

Ready to use wax strips is another waxing products which is easy and convenient to use. This waxing product just needs the least effort and time for your hair removal. It does not need heating procedure and you just need to put them between your hands and rub them. Tear them apart and apply it onto the skin. Ready to use waxing kit is one of the best take-away hair removal products. You just need take a box of strips with you and you can remove your hair easy and conveniently.

Waxing deliver good hair removal result since your skin is clean and smooth. Your silky and smooth skin can last for four weeks.


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