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Depilatory Wax Strips of different ingredients
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Depilatory Wax Strips for different body areas
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 hair removal wax-strips for face  hair removal wax-strips for bikini and underarm  hair removal wax-strips for body
Nonwoven/Cellophane hair removal wax strips for face, leg, body, bikini

Nonwoven/Cellophane hair removal wax strips for face, leg, body, bikini, arm.With our wax strips, your skin can keep clean and smooth for weeks.
Our ready to use wax strips are popular in many countries around the world:United States,India,United Kingdom,Germany,Canada,Indonesia,Australia,France,Malaysia,Philippines,Italy,United Arab Emirates,Pakistan,Saudi Arabia etc.

Nonwoven hair removal wax strips for face, leg, and bikini

We are dedicated to providing you quality and innovative products for beauty to perfect your life. As a manufacturer, we produce depilatory wax strips and nose strips, depilatory waxing strips/rolls which work well, are easy to use and safe. Meanwhile, we offer comprehensive OEM /ODM service for our customer around the world.
We offer comprehensive nonwoven hair removal wax strips solution for the companies who want to distribute or wholesale waxing strips. Our services include products design, production, overall package solution.

Products design of pre-coated wax strips

We can help you design the pre-coated wax strips. With many years of experience in this field, we know how to design attractive products. Firstly we would like to define the purpose of your target products. For different body areas, different kinds of wax strips should be provided. For instance, to get rid of unwanted hair in face and bikini area, the wax strips should have different ingredients since the gentle skin must be cared during the waxing procedure. Firstly, we need to define the size of the strips. For upper lip area, the size should be smaller than body areas. In a word, we offer the expert advice from based paper, size, fragrances, color and wax ingredients based on your market demand.

Base paper/substrate for ready to use wax strips

Different kinds of base paper/substrate are available.

Nonwoven fabrics based wax strips is the most popular version

The base paper plays an important role in coated wax strips. Generally, the paper used is nonwoven fabrics. However, the fabrics are different in terms of hardness and wax absorption quantity. Usually, the harder paper always would not absorb much wax during the storage period. However, it is not as comfort as soft version when it is applied to the skin. The soft fabrics papers is different and deliver better user experience during the waxing procedure. When you put them in the box for several month, you would find the wax begin to melt and appearance of the products would be affected seriously. As a result, for the distributors or wholesalers of wax strips, you have to choose the right type of base paper/nonwoven fabrics to be coated based on your market demand.

Cellophane hair removal wax strips for face, leg, body, bikini

Compared with nonwoven fabrics based wax strips, cellophane papered ready to use wax strips is also another option. The advantage of this kind of paper is its stability since this kind of paper would never absorb the wax in long term run. However, this kind of material is not classified as eco-friendly material and some of the clients would not choose it.

Ready to use wax strips for different body areas with different sizes

For different body areas, the size of the strip should be different. When it comes to size, there are two kind of size you need to note: the size of base paper/substrate and the size of waxing area/coated area. Different size always makes your products appear different from others.

We can adjust our waxing production machine to meet your size requirements. Of course, we would make the samples firstly for you to check. As to the shape of strips, rectangle is the only option nowadays.

Fragrances and plants extract option for pre-coated wax strips

Fragrances and plants extract are keys to inform the clients that product is different. Nearly every famous brands would design its own featured fragrances and plants extract. For example, if they add avocado oil into the ingredients, they always call that wax strips with the name of avocado wax strips.

The plants extract add more function for wax strips. Some of excellent skin care ingredients such as Aloe Vera extract are added into the products so that the product is favored by more people. Above all, the products must deliver the excellent hair removal result. However, the fragrances and plants extract just take a small portion of all ingredients, no more than 5%.They are playing a very important role in the promotion and marketing of the products.

Color option for pre-coated wax strips

Color provides the same function as fragrances and plants extract. Different color sends different feeling to the end consumer. There are some rules you should follow when choosing the color. If wax strips is just one product of your brands, the color should follow the style of other your own branded products, so that the brand image can be strengthened. If you have defined the plants extract, you should adjust the color of the wax strips into the same color of that plant.

We can adjust the color based on your requirements. There is another important rule must be specially noted. The color additives must be approved by your local rule. There are always some restrictions on the color additives in the cosmetics usage. Samples confirmation is a must for color checking.

Wax ingredients for ready to use wax strips

Wax ingredients are the most important factor for the purpose of hair removal. The ingredients determine everything required by the end consumer. Wax ingredients are different for different kinds of wax strips. For different body areas and different skin types, wax ingredients are different. For example, for the sensitive skin types, hypoallergenic wax strips with different ingredients listing should be applied.

Waxing strips for unwanted men’s chest and back hair have great market potential.

Waxing strips for men’s chest and back hair removal have great market potential. Women’s hair removal wax strips take up most of hair removal market. Men’s hair removal is always ignored by most distributors and wholesalers. Nowadays, men’s hair removal demand is increasing rapidly. More and more men are seeking best hair removal solution. For men’s facial hair, they always choose the shaver/blade to shave the thick and coarse beard, moustache. While, men always have hairy chest and back, many of them have to go to the professional waxing salon. But many of men would like to get rid of their unwanted chest and back hair at home. In this case, home waxing strips kit for men’s chest and back hair removal is the best option for them. In the hair removal market, there are many waxing strips specially made for men’s chest and back hair removal.


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