How to remove the residue wax after waxing?

It is known to us that waxing is a good hair removal method and it has been widely used in beauty salon and home. Compared with laser and electrolysis, waxing is much cheaper. You can do the waxing in the professional waxing salon. Also you can buy a hair removal waxing kit and do the waxing at your home. So it will be very convenient with waxing method. You do not need the high quality hair removal products, the after waxing products are also needed to remove the wax residue. No matter what kind hair removal waxing products you use,wax residue is common problem.

Generally, the waxing products come with after waxing wipes or oil. However, there are some waxing kit is not provide with the after waxing products. For example, the wax strips kit you bought from the discount store with only one dollar. Only wax strips are included in the box. in this case, you have to remove the wax residue by your own. Actually, you can choose the professional wax removal products from the market. There are some products which are specially made for the wax removal after waxing treatment.Let us check the products shown below:

How to remove the residue wax after waxing?

GiGi wax off 16 oz

In Amazon, the price is $9.20.It can remove the wax from the skin. It is a kind of lotion. It is enriched with aloe vera and essential oil which can act as moisturize function. Just apply a thin layer of the lotion onto the target area and then wipe the lotion away with wipe or cloth. The wax residue would dissolve into the lotion and wiped off with the lotion. The aloe Vera and other essential oil would leave your skin smooth and soft. Actually any type of wax residue can be remove with this products and it is not only for GiGi wax residue.

Use the baby oil or Oliver oil

The wax cannot be dissolved into the water, but it can be dissolved with baby oil or Oliver oil. If you cannot get the professional wax removal products, those oils are the best choices for you.Any mild baby oil can be used. Just coat a thin layer of oil onto the wax residue. Make a circle movement with your fingers so that the wax can be dissolved into the oil completely.

Please note that the wax cannot be dissolved into the water, you should never use the hot water to remove the wax residue since you may get hurt from it.

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