Waxing strips


Product name: Nonwoven Waxing strips
Function: Disposable Hair removal product
Supply Type: OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
Brand Name: Cool Epil or Your own brands
Material: Nonwoven or muslin
Gsm: 75-100
Size: 7×20cm, 7.5×23cm, 2.5x13cm, 8×23cm, 3.8×10cm or according to your requirement
Color: White,red,blue
MOQ: 2000packs
Others: Import in bulk available

Package:        Packed with POF
100 pcs/pack,100packs/carton

1. Ensure your skin is clean and dry, free from oils, make-ups and creams. For the best hair removal result, hair should be between 2 and 5mm long.

2. Warm wax strip by rubbing the Cool-epil Wax Strips between hands for thirty seconds.

3. Slowly peel the two strips apart.

4. Apply one of the Cool-epil Wax Strips onto the skin where you wish to remove hair, in the direction of hair growth. Firmly smooth the strip in the hair growth direction for approximately 10 seconds ensuring the strip is securely fixed to the skin.

5. Holding adjoining skin taut with one hand, immediately Pull the strip off against hair growth direction, keeping the strip as close to the skin as possible. Re-use strip until it becomes not sticky.

Spunlace customized disposable depilatory waxing strips

Spunlace nonwoven fabrics is the parent material for nonwoven depilatory waxing strips/waxing rolls. As a kind of disposable product, depilatory waxing strips/waxing rolls are the most common waxing items used in professional waxing salon or spa for hair removal. They are used with soft waxing (hot waxing) procedure.

Nonwoven fabrics are favored by the market because of its eco-friendly feature. Our depilatory waxing strips are made of spunlace nonwoven fabrics. We can offer the customized products based on your needs. To define your requirements, we need to know the factors shown below:

Size of depilatory waxing strips/waxing rolls

For different body areas hair removal purpose, different size is required. For example, to remove the hair in leg, chest, back area, you should use the big ones. In this case,3 inches x 9 inches can be chose as your option. While for small area such as upper lip, small strips paper should be applied. We just use the width and length to define the size.

GSM of nonwoven hair removal waxing strips/waxing rolls

GSM is another key factor to define your requirements.GSM means grams per square metre: it is used to specify the weight of paper. The higher of GSM means the thicker of the paper. Generally, the gsm of nonwoven depilation strips/rolls is between 60-100.The production cost for higher gsm material is also higher.

Composition of nonwoven depilatory waxing strips/waxing rolls

Nonwoven fabrics for depilatory waxing strips/waxing rolls is made from PET(Polyethylene terephthalate or polyester fiber) or/and viscose. If you have your detailed requirements on the composition of nonwoven fabrics, you should know PET and viscose. Now, in the market, most depilatory waxing strips/waxing rolls is of 100% PET. No matter what types of raw material is used in the production, the coating material is a must for the production of hair removal strips/rolls paper so that the material can provide proper tensile strength. For the waxing, the paper must deliver certain strength so that it can not tear during the waxing procedure.

In view of production, the higher ratio of viscose is, the production cost would also higher.

Package of nonwoven hair removal waxing strips/waxing rolls

The package of nonwoven hair removal waxing strips/waxing rolls is not complex. Shrink wrap(POF) packaging is the most common one. If you want your own private labeled products, a piece of color sheet with your own design can be added into the package. In addition, you can choose the card box to contain them. We can offer complete package solution for your products.

Before placing order, you have to know the basic knowledge shown above so that you can choose the right products based on your market demand and expected purchasing cost.Generally,100 pcs of strips are included in one bag.

Color can be customized

Color of the strips can also be customized based on your needs. Generally, the color is white.

How to evaluate the quality of nonwoven waxing strips/waxing rolls

It is necessary for the purchasers, wholesalers or distributors to know the basic skills on how to evaluate the quality of nonwoven waxing strips/rolls for hair removal. Check the points shown below:

The strength of nonwoven fabrics material

Material strength should always come the first. During the waxing procedure, the paper must be tear off with a quick motion. If the paper is easy to tear, the waxing result would be reduced.

Appearance uniformity is another important factor to take into account. Check the appearance of the material, the fibers should distribute evenly. There aren’t many thin fibers extending out of the surface. If there are too much thin fiber extending out of the surface that means that fiber would be easily tear off and the wax can not adhere to the paper firmly.

Wax absorb ability should never be too high. Actually, all the nonwoven material for depilatory waxing is treated with coating procedure. As a result, the paper should not absorb the wax. If the paper can absorb the wax in a short time, just ignore it.
You can test the quality of the strips through waxing treatment test. After waxing, there should be very few wax residues left on the skin.

Spunlace nonwoven fabrics manufacturer for parent materials of hair removal waxing strips/waxing rolls

Our companies can not only offer the finished products of nonwoven depilatory waxing strips/waxing rolls, also we can supply the raw material for manufacturing nonwoven waxing strips/waxing rolls. For the manufacturers which want to produce the waxing strips/waxing rolls in their local area, our nonwoven fabrics are a good choice as the raw material. Most depilatory waxing strips manufacturers are classified as nonwoven fabrics processing companies and they import the nonwoven fabrics from the nonwoven fabrics producer and then cut the large material through the cutting machine into small waxing strips/waxing rolls of different sizes. Actually, the raw material quality decides the overall quality of waxing strips/waxing rolls. The material comes in big rolls. We can produce the material based on our clients’ requirements: the composition, thickness, gsm etc. We use spunlace process to produce the nonwoven fabrics.

Common specification for raw nonwoven fabrics material importers

Composition: 100% polyester fiber, or 50% polyester fiber 50% viscose or any other ration you want

Paper weight:60 gsm,65gsm,70gsm,75gsm,80gsm,85gsm,90gsm,95gsm,100gsm

Material width:150 cm or based on your requirements

Roll diameter:70-150cm

MOQ:4 ton, one full 20 feet container load

Application: Raw material for transforming into nonwoven hair removal waxing strips/waxing rolls

Our target markets around the world

USA, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, Spain, UAE, Ireland, Egypt, New Zealand, Sweden, Sweden, Singapore, Thailand, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, Norway, Israel, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Ukraine.

We offer comprehensive private label services for nonwoven waxing strips/waxing rolls and would like to cooperate with the clients in those countries.


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