2013-2014 wax strips industry overview and market analysis

2013-2014 wax strips industry overview and market analysis is a professional and depth report on wax strips industry .In this post, firstly, we would like to introduce you some basic information about wax strips classification and definition of wax strips. Wax strips products specification, manufacturing process. Then we give you a study of wax strips chain structure. Also, we would like to offer you international market analysis.

Wax Strips Definition

There are two different types of wax strips available in the market.

Ready to use wax strips

Ready to use wax strips is also called pre-coated wax strips or readymade wax strips. With this, you can perform the overall waxing procedure. It is consisted of two parts: base paper and depilatory wax. The production machine would apply a thin layer of wax onto the paper. Two piece of waxed paper would stick together. Generally, wax strips come in form of double sided wax strips. The user would tear them apart before application.

2013-2014 wax strips industry overview and market analysis

There are two kinds of base paper used in ready to use wax strips: Nonwoven paper and cellophane paper. Nonwoven paper would always soak the waxed between them which would affect the waxing result.

As to the ingredients in the wax, they are customizable.

Wax strips used with hot waxing

The wax strips used with hot waxing is just a piece of paper which are made of cotton or nonwoven. After application of the wax onto the body, just apply it onto it and press it against the body. It has to be used with hair removal waxes to achieve the hair removal purpose.

Generally, this kind of wax strips come in form of waxing strips and waxing rolls. Nowadays, nonwoven material is favored by the manufacturer because of its environment friendly and low production cost. Pure cotton wax strips are much more expensive than nonwoven version.

Waxing products benefits over others

Waxing products does not like the chemical depilatories which get rid of hair from the skin surface, the waxing products can pluck the hair from the root of hair follicle, which is below the surface. So that is why waxing products are popular among the people who want to remove their unwanted hair in different body areas. That is also another reason that why waxing products such as wax strips have great market potential.

Wax strips products specification

All of them are customized and we just give you a common specification.
Ready to use wax strips specification
Size: For Face Area: 5x10cm; For Body Area: 9x18cm; For Bikini Area: 7x16cm
Base paper: Nonwoven paper, cellophane paper
Ingredients: Different products always deliver different ingredients. To strengthen the brands, different brands always use different ingredients. Basic ingredients including Hydrogenated Glycerol Rosin Ester, Glyceryl Rosinate, Ricinus Communis Oil, Glyceryl Rosinate, Silica, Polyethylene, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Titanium Dioxide would not missed for nearly any of the products.

Specification of waxing strips used with hot waxing
Size: 3inch x 9 inch (Any size is possible),100pcs/bag
Paper material: 50%viscose,50%polyester or 100%Cotton
Density: 75-100gsm
Wax Strip Manufacturing Process and Cost Structure

Ready to use wax strips manufacturing process

Compared with waxing strips/rolls, the manufacturing process of ready to use wax strips is much more complicated. Since the wax should be coated onto the paper, the coating time and the wax ingredients are very important. Additionally, the waxing result must be guaranteed and the wax can not become dry for a long time.

While the manufacturing process of waxing strips used with hot waxing is not so complicated. Generally, the common manufacturer would import the nonwoven paper material in rolls. Then they use the professional machine to cut the material in different sizes. The quality of waxing strips is largely depended upon the raw materials imported.

The cost structure of ready to use wax strips are shown as follows:

2013-2014 wax strips production cost structure1


Source: The data is based on Major Manufacturers Wax Strip Production

Wax strips sales chain structure analysis

Original manufacturer > trading company or brands owner > distributors > drug store, supermarket, cosmetics and hygiene stores

We can see that if the brands owner which have already the market channels in drug store, , supermarket, cosmetics and hygiene stores, ready to use wax strips is a great products for them to add into its brands series. Just like men’s shaving products, men have to shave and shaving razors/blades are must. Have remove needs is very rigid. New products are introduced the products into the brands series and the client would always be honest clients especially when your products can fulfill their hair removal requirements.

As a result, for the manufacturer of wax strips, the best clients are the ones which have brands channels. The brands owners of toothpaste, shaving razor, wipes, napkin, diaper etc. FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) marketing channels are the best channels for wax strips.

For the businessman who wants to sell wax strips, they need to establish FMCG marketing channel and it takes time.

International market analysis of wax strips

Both ready to use wax strips and waxing strips/rolls are classified as hair removal products. The market size is different in among different races. Market demand of hair removal products in European and American is much larger than that of Africa. The reason is that white people always have more hair removal needs than black people. In addition, population, economic level, ethnic would also have influence on market demand. There is another reason, the brands marketing power is another great factor for market demand. That is the power of marketing. If there is one famous brand rooted in that market it always easy to promote the products in that area since you do not need to establish market demand.

We would like to list the top countries which both ready to use wax strips and waxing strips are good sellers from 2013 to 2014.

1. USA 2. Germany 3. United Kingdom 4. India 5. China 6. Canada 7. Pakistan 8. Saudi Arabia

9. United Arab Emirates 10.France

The countries with great market potential

Iran, India, China

Iran as one of the largest islamic countries which has a large population and its market demand of hair removal is large. Iran is a country which has special import and export policy and nearly all of daily products are imported from other countries. Veet has just left Iran market and it provides great business opportunity for many companies. However, it is not easy for a company to import the cosmetics and hygiene products fluently. The company must have strong power to import the products. Both India and china has a large population base and the hair removal market demand is really great. However, Veet has entered into Chinese market successfully. While in china, we find that Veet’s price is higher than in other countries. For example, the Veet Avocado wax strips is about 7 US dollars in Walmart, but in USA, its price in Amazon is only 5.99US dollars. Please never forget China’s per capita GDP is much lower than USA.We can see that the profits in Chinese market should never lower than USA’ market. While, India also has a great market demand, the Indian businessmen always seek for the cheap products and it is not easy to cooperate with them.

Top brands of ready to use wax strips by sales amount from 2013 to 2014

1. Veet 2. Nair 3. Nads 4. Sally Hansen 5. Parissa 6. SurgiCare 7. Wax away 8. Moom 9. Clean + Easy 10. Bliss

Wax Strip Sales Value by cities around the world

London, Pune, Lahore, New York, Sydney, Mumbai, Melbourne, Berlin, Toronto, Munich, Brisbane, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Athens, Dublin, Riyadh, Colombo, Houston, Dubai, Singapore, Chennai, Manila, Tehran, Tehran, Hyderabad, Perth, Gujranwala, Makati, Hamburg, San Francisco, Kolkata.

Global Key Regions Wax Strip Production Market Share

2013-2014 wax strips production cost structure1


As to the ready to use wax strips, the biggest production market share is dominated by European manufacturers. The manufacturers from Spain play an import role in production market. The production market share from Asian manufacturers from China and India’s is increasing continuously in recent years.

Major manufacturers examples of ready to use wax strips

Cool Shine Cosmetics  China  www.wax-strips.com

Cosmewax, S.A.           Spain   www.cosmewax.com

Natural Use S L           Spain   www.natural-use.com

Compare different major manufacturers in the world

The manufacturers of wax strips are mainly located in Asia and Europe. Generally, European manufacturers produce products with higher quality than Asian manufacturers. However, the Asian manufacturer has labor and material strength than European countries. The production cost is lower than European manufacturers. The businessmen in Asian countries including India and Middle countries put more focus on price. Price is playing more important role in their business world. It does not mean that the Asian manufacturer’s products are of low quality. It is not. European consumers and government have high requirements on products safety and health level.

Global Key Regions Waxing Strips/rolls Production Market Share

Waxing strips is different from ready to use wax strips. In this area, the manufacturers from China, India, Pakistan produces most waxing strips/rolls for the world. The European manufacturers output is less than Asian manufacturers. The production of this type of wax strips is relatively simple and the production cost focuses on the cost of raw material such as Nonwoven paper.

Global Key Regions Waxing Stripsrolls Production Market Share





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