Direction for use-Cool Clear Nose strips

Direction for use

Nose pore cleaning strips user guide

    1. Thoroughly wash you face with water and soap and make sure your skin is free from creams or make up.
    2. Wet nose area thoroughly with clean warm water. Note: nose strips would not adhere if your skin is dry.
    3. Open the nose strip with dry hands. Then peel the nose strip off the plastic liner.
    4. Apply nose strip with the shiny side facing your skin, smoothing out the bubbles.
    5. Leave it dry for about 10-15 minutes.
    6. When nose strip has dried, carefully peel it off starting at the edges then pulling towards the center.
    7. If the strip adheres too strong or you feel pain, you should wet the skin thoroughly until removing becomes easy.
    8. Clean the residue left on your nose with water.


    When one nose strip is opened, please use it immediately.
    Use nose strips on sensitive, burnt skin is not allowed.
    For external use only.
    Once or twice is recommended for each week with 3 days interval between each use.
    Do not used the strip on the skin that is sensitive to tapes and face masks.
    Use on the area surrounding the eye is not allowed.

If you suffer an adverse reaction to our strips, please stop using it immediately.


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